Nordiwall HT – High Temperature Liner for Industrial Applications

NorditubeThis rehabilitation technology from NordiTube allows industrial system operators for the first time to rehabilitate pipes exposed to high temperatures. NordiTube has successfully developed an economical CIPP system which is based on the proven NORDIWALL FLEX needle felt liner – the NORDIWALL HT, that is resistant to temperatures exceeding 100°C.

In combination with the different special resins in NordiTube’s portfolio a heat resistance between 80°C to 140°C can be achieved thanks to its modiefied PP coating.
NORDIWALL HT is the economical choice for high-temperature pipe rehabilitation projects. After a successfully completed test phase, the excellent quality of this liner has been validated in a variety of industrial projects, particularly on offshore oil platforms.

NORDIWALL HT is an interactive liner system for semi-structural and non-structural applications with classification C according to ISO 11295 (no pin holes covering under class C).
NORDIWALL HT consists of a needle felt liner, having on one side a special coating of modified Polypropylene PP.
Using a two-component epoxy resin system, the uncoated face of NORDIWALL HT is entirely bonded to the host pipe. The product ensures great bonding results within the given temperature range.
The used installation method is inversion with steam curing and requires a special heating curve to reach the needed glass transition temperature TG.

NORDIWALL HT liner is especially interesting for the following application fields:
• Industrial gravity sewer
• Food production industry – f.e. breweries & dairy factories
• District heating pipes
• Industrial pressure pipe lines
• High temp- & cooling pipe lines
• Petro chemical pipe lines

NORDIWALL HT has the following technical properties:
• Felt liner coated with modified Polypropylene PP
• Longitudinal / extruded coating
• DN 100 – 1200 mm
• Bend feasible – bends up to 90° almost no plies
• High chemical resistance
• Stand up to 115° C
• Class C: Semi-structural (ISO 11295)
• Interactive, glued system, inside corrosion protection, no pin holse covering under class C

NordiTube has already implemented the high temperature liner in different fields and the customers are more than satisfied with the installations:
• SAK, US – Brewery, DN 200 – 375 mm, Length 1335 m, 70° – 100° C
• UniPiSe, Norway – Offshore platform, DN 650 mm, 80° – 99° C
• Colas, France – DN 100 mm, Length 100 m,
• Alpe Kanal, Austria – Central City Heating, DN 150 mm, 80° C
• RTi Romania, Rumania – Central City Heating, DN 500 mm, 80° – 110 C

Two liner installations using the NORDIWALL HT Liner were completed by SAK Construction at the Miller Coors Brewery located at 2525 Wayne Madison Road in Hamilton Ohio on December 29 and 30, 2017.
Overall the liner and resin performed well. We had some challenges getting the liner up to temperature at the B Station during both days. Outside air temperature was 12 degrees. SAK had roughly 50 feet of steam hose running outside of the building from the boiler unit. The set up produced considerable steam losses and temperature drop from the boiler to the A Station.
The work was conducted on 10-inch diameter process water drain lines that are encased in concrete inside the Brewery facility. The steam boiler output temperature was averaging 222 while the max A Station temp was 194 and max B Station temp was 165. Curing started at 4:30 pm and ended with the start of the cool down at 9:30 pm. The temperature at the B station plat toed after 3.5 hours at 73°C. As a result this was considered to be the start of the cure period and heating continued for 1 additional hour before the commencement of the cool down
A review of the cured turn-back portion of the liner showed sufficient curing of the installed liner product. CCTV inspection of the installed liners also showed a satisfactory end product. SAK intended to install an additional 15” liner on December 30. This installation was cancelled when the post cleaning CCTV inspection located a 90-degree bend in the line. SAK expects to excavate the bend and remove it to allow the liner installation on a later date.





Installed NORDIWALL HT Liner






Perfect pipe bends of 90 degrees possible





Internal Coating of NORDIWALL HT Liner

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