NO-DIG Live 2021

East of England Arena & Events Centre, Tuesday 14th September – Thursday 16th September 2021.

No-Dig Live is free to attend and a must for anyone within the installation or refurbishment of underground utilities.

No-Dig Live offers exhibitors the opportunity to showcase products and equipment in a live working environment and is the only forum in the UK where manufacturers and suppliers can display and demonstrate products at an event that is focussed entirely on trenchless technology.

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Conference Programme

TUESDAY 14th September

The Green Alliance – Working together to achieve net zero
Date: Tuesday 14th September
Time: 11:00am – 01:00pm
Room: The Peterborough Suite
Moderators: Norman Howell & Ian Ramsay
On Tuesday 14th September the Green Alliance will hold their first face to face seminar which will provide a series of presentations that address the challenge posed by climate change and the impact it is having on our environment and will include updates on the presentations that have been hosted virtually throughout the year. The Green Alliance was formed by The UKSTT & The Pipeline Industries Guild to explore, share and promote the industry’s drive towards net zero and reduction in environmental impact.

Presentations will include:

Anglian Water – Meeting the Carbon Challenge – Case Studies
Hydrogen East – Hydrogen Economy with the East of England
ULC/SGN – Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System (RRES)

SGN Presenter: Gordon McMillan, SGN
Title: Sustainable Roadworks with Robotics
Summary: The Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System (RRES) is an all-electric robotic platform developed by ULC Technologies and SGN to revolutionise the way utility companies, energy networks, and other industries carry out roadworks. RRES combines below-ground locating sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide safer, faster, and smarter roadworks. The platform was developed to overcome a wide range of challenges faced when conducting traditional utility excavations, including third-party damage, disruption to traffic, and carbon emissions. RRES provides an end-to-end process with less CO2 and a smaller physical footprint than traditional excavation methods to drive towards net-zero.

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Sewerage Solutions Forum
Date: Tuesday 14th September
Time: 10:00am – 12 noon
Moderator: Iain Naismith, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, IKT
This 2 hour session is an exciting opportunity for a handful of very select and appropriate ‘new’ initiatives and innovations to be presented to the panel of representatives from the UK utility companies. This forum is designed to solve the problems and needs the utility companies have with the solutions and innovations of our members as well as No-Dig Live exhibitors and the whole of the underground infrastructure industry.

Network Rail – Mark Howells
Severn Trent Water – Andrew Warren
United Utilities – James Devereux
Wessex Water – Julian Britton
Yorkshire Water – Tom Ogden

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UKSTT Pipe Jacking Mini-Masterclass
Date: Tuesday 14th September
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Room: The Peterborough Suite

Moderator: Nick Preston NJJP Ltd
A half day event for visitors to hear from experts in the field of the Pipe Jacking & Micro Tunnelling Sector presenting an overview of design criteria, machine choice and site based case studies.

Introduction to Micro tunnelling & Pipe Jacking
– Steve MacKellar, Jacobs
Outlining how TBMs are prescribed for projects – Joseph Gallagher Ltd, Mark McGeady
Case Study – Concrete Pipe Jack – Ward & Burke, Brien Curran
Case Study – Clay Pipe Jack  – Allen Watson, Simon Marsh
Case Study – GRP Pipe Jack – Amiblu, Leon Woods
Case Study – Werrington Network Rail Box Culvert – Jacked Structures, Andy Robinson

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WEDNESDAY 15th September

1st European NODIG Conference
Date: Wednesday 15th September
Time: 10:15am – 3.25pm
Moderator: Dr: Dec Downey
This inaugural one-day conference will be a high-level technical conference focused on the topic Rehabilitation Design for Pressure and Gravity Pipes. Each session will be opened with a Keynote paper from a leading industry expert.
The morning session will cover presentations specific to Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation with presentations on gravity sewer liner design methods in UK, France and Germany, a pressure testing case study and control and verification of in large diameter UV CIPP liners. The afternoon session will focus on Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation with presentations on international Standards, key design considerations for pressure pipe liners using HDPE and CIPP and a case study of a water main lining project.


Gravity Sewer Liner Design – Olivier Thépot, Consultant
Revision of the WRc SRM Sewer Renovation Design Method & New Approach to Quality Control of Sewer Renovation Systems – Nick Orman & Petros Tzinaetis, WRc
External Pressure Tests on Large Diameter Jacking Pipe System – Högni Jónsson, Amiblu Technology
Real-time Monitoring of UV Lamps as Requirement for Controlled & Protocolled Curing of Large Diameter Liner with Big Wall Thicknesses – Firmino Pires Barbosa, RelineEurope GmbH
Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation – John Gumbel
Key Design Considerations for PE 80 & PE 100 Pressure Pipe Liners – Steve Brogden, Die Draw Limited

The Euro Conference is supported by the ISTT and there are now a limited number of tickets available free of charge. To register for a free place please click on the following link or email

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THURSDAY 16th September

Drilling Contractors Association (DCA)
Date: 16th September
Time: 10:30 – 12:30
The DCA is a technical association of the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry in Europe. The HDD method has established itself worldwide as a technical and economic alternative for the underlaying of obstacles in the field of pipeline laying. During No-Dig live Scott Stone will deliver a presentation focussing on the DCA as an organisation & will include some high level case studies which will give a greater understanding as to what is possible with the application of HDD .

The session will include the following presentations :
An Introduction to the Drilling Contractors Association (DCA) & the advantages of being affiliated to such an organisation
– Scott Stone, Volker Trenchless Solutions –
Optical Gyro Operation – Brownline
Mudd-Dry soil additive – SlimDril

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UKSTT Gala DinnerThe UKSTT Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 15th September 2021.

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