New Generation of Shorter GRUNDOMAT Moles

Tracto-TechnikTRACTO-TECHNIK has launched a new generation of the famous GRUNDOMAT mole to respond to the need for moling in tighter spaces. As the original inventor of soil displacement hammers (moles), TRACTO-TECHNIK is still the market leader thanks to continually refining and improving moling technology over the last 50+ years.

The new range, which comprises of six models, benefits from the same uncompromising quality and precision of existing GRUNDOMAT moles and provides the same punch in a shorter package. Features such as the movable head for pinpoint accuracy combine with options such as servo control to ensure maximum efficiency for trenchless pipe installation.

The new S-range of short GRUNDOMAT moles ranges from 45mm to 130mm diameter and is between 9% and 17% shorter than the standard models. Every model has:

• High penetration force and powerful thrust thanks to the powerful two-stroke cycle and movable head


• Minimum air consumption at highest power thanks to innovative piston technology and a sophisticated

sealing system.

• Optimum performance through regular service which includes replacement of inexpensive slip belts and

sealing rings.

• Exceptionally long service life of the chisel thanks to the bearing bush.

• Easy shifting with a choice of either Servo or Thrust control (excluding the S45 which is thrust only)

Servo control has been introduced to simplify shifting between forward and reverse gear with a simple flip of the lever. The integrated oil-fog lubricator supplies the machine with GRUNDOOIL and at the same time guarantees maximum power and penetration force.

A stepped head with two-stroke cycle displaces the soil in three steps with maximum precision and high running stability Tracto-Technikwhilst high penetration force is guaranteed by the concentration of impact energy in thrust direction onto the sharp cutting edges. For the hardest soil conditions, an interchangeable heavy duty crown head is available. No front machine seal, inner and outer chrome-plated housing ensure maximum optimal energy transfer, sustained performance and longevity, whilst smooth outer housing features an easy-to-read wear indicator.

One great advantage of the GRUNDOMAT New Generation is that it will never stop or go into reverse in the middle of a job. When a GRUNDOMAT needs a service it will always finish the job in hand first.

With servicing and training centres throughout the UK the aftercare from TRACTO-TECHNIK enables maximum uptime at all times.




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