Manhole Rehabilitation using the Hermes M Coating System with ERGELIT Specialist mortars

Hermes TechnologieThe Background
With new directives and legislation groundwater infiltration ,which puts a strain on existing sewerage treatment plants, can no longer be tolerated by the Water Companies .
Water companies will have to intensify their efforts to prevent infiltration on the wastewater networks and installations to ensure complianceHermes Technologie and improve efficiency at the treatment plant.

The Material
Since 1982 Hermes with ERGELIT have been involved in the development and application of specialist mortars which are specifically designed for sewerage networks.
From the outset clients have been asking for specifications for mortars to be used in rehabilitation of sewerage networks. Hermes have worked very closely with the committees formed to agree these specifications and as a result the new standard DIN 19573 has now been Hermes Technologieapproved and this pays particular attention to the sulphate resistance of the mortar when classifying it.
As you would expect ERGELT Mortars have been extensively and independently tested with over 35 years of applications in this regard.
Why choose ERGELIT over synthetic resins such as epoxies and polyurethanes ?
There are a large number of reasons but some pertinent ones are ;
1. It is cement bound so gives a repair compatible and with same co-efficient of thermal expansion.
2. The coating not only makes a mechanical key but in the course of time develops a chemical bond.
3. It can be applied to wet substrates with the highest levels of air humidity and is vapour permeable so no blistering.
4. The mortar can be applied at any thickness from 5mm – 100mm.
5. No specialist PPE / required , equipment and lines cleaned with water, not Hermes Technologiechemicals.
6. Can be used for invert repair and grouting .
7. 35 years experience , independent testing and references.
8. Very easy to make repairs.

The Application

All ERGELIT mortars from Hermes can be applied by hand , however Hermes developed a non-man entry system for the rehabilitation of Manhole chambers called the M-Coating System. This combines the use of an automated high pressure cleaning (400bar) TSSR unit which is remotely lowered into the chamber to prepare a clean and stable substrate to ensure a good clean surface to accept the ERGELIT coating .
The mortar selected ( This is determined by information provided by the client with regard to H2S levels etc) is then pumped into an automated centrifugal spray head from the continuous mixer which has been pre-set to ensure the uniform consistency .
The spray head , once positioned over the chamber , is automatically lowered and raised rotating at 500 rpm until the pre set thickness has been achieved.
Hermes TechnologieThe M-Coating process is the only rehabilitation technique of this type with a DiBt certificate and has been proved to be impermeable even when the water column measures over 20m.
Due to the rapid reaction time of ERGELIT environmentally friendly mortar , shafts can be back in service within 1 hour.
Using this method, contractors are able to complete 6-8 manholes per day without the need for man entry.

In Summary
Uncontrolled groundwater infiltration not only puts a strain on our treatment plants making it more expensive but can also increase the incidence of pollution. We have renovated a lot of our waste water network but we now need to permanently rehabilitate the connecting chambers with a proven and tested material applied in a safe and consistent way.

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