Lanes sewer lining manager appointed to UKSTT council

Lanes Group PlcPaul Henderson, Business Development Manager of Lanes Group’s Sewer Lining Division, has been appointed to the Council of UKSTT, the UK Society for Trenchless Technology.

He is one of 20 members of the society’s council, drawn from UK industries involved in trenchless technologies, including water, gas and electricity utilities, and will serve for a minimum of three years.

The council is the ruling body of UKSTT, which represents manufacturers, suppliers and industries that use trenchless technology, for example to install and maintain service pipes and cabling.

Paul said: “It is a privilege to be voted on to the council by sitting members and to be able to serve UKSTT. One of its key purposes is to share knowledge about the use of trenchless technologies for the benefit of all, and I am looking forward to taking part in that process.

“Lanes is a leading user of trenchless sewer maintenance systems, for surveying and pipe lining, so is well placed to further the aims of UKSTT in promoting the operational and sustainability benefits of no-dig technologies.”

Paul joined Lanes in 2019 to spearhead the sales development of the business’s extensive sewer lining operation.

Paul Henderson
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Before that he held director-level positions at clean water businesses using trenchless technologies so brings a broad range of experience to his new role at UKSTT.

UKSTT Chair Dawn Greig said: “We aim to draw on best expertise from across the UK and are delighted to welcome Paul to the UKSTT Council. He has already started contributing and will be an excellent member of the team, helping us to take trenchless further.”

UKSTT was established in 1993 and is affiliated with the International Society of Trenchless Technologies. It supports the technical development of trenchless systems and education about their use.

The application of trenchless technologies to survey, install and repair pipes and cable systems, also known as no-dig technologies, saves £millions every year in the UK, by avoiding the need for excavations.

This approach makes the installation and maintenance of pipes and cable systems quicker, safer, less disruptive and much more sustainable, minimising the carbon footprint of utility operations.

Lanes fully embraces this approach to sewer maintenance. It is a leading provider of all forms of trenchless sewer maintenance including cured in place pipe (CIPP) sewer lining.

This involves remotely installing liners in defective sewers to create a durable and water resistant new pipe within a pipe, extending the expected life of the sewer by many decades.

Lining technologies deployed by Lanes for water utility companies, businesses, local authorities and government agencies include hot water and steam CIPP, ambient CIPP and ultraviolet (UV) light CIPP.

UV CIPP is recognised as a being a particularly sustainable no-dig pipe rehabilitation technology.

Lanes is also a leading provider of robotic cutting services. The technology is used during the lining process to prepare pipes and reopen lateral connections. It also allows customers to remove blockages from pipes remotely without the need to carry out excavations.

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