Kobus approved by Cadent

The leading gas network has chosen Kobus pipepuller as the preferred technology to use in pipe pulling methods, with over 80 trials already conducted.

The decision was made with considerations of the difficulties removing steel from the spool, making traditional methods not idea for multiple side by side replacements and as usually, standalone products.

Simply, pipe pulling for service pipe replacement is an innovative trenchless technology.  The technique removes old water or gas service pipe from the ground by pulling it with a hydraulic winch and a special steel pulling cable.  At the same time,  a new PE pipe is towed into place along the same bore path created by the extracted old pipe.

Up to 20-25m can be extracted in a single pull.  So, typical lengths of lead, copper, galvanised steel, and PE pipe found on site can all be replaced up to diameters of 1-1/4″ (OD 36mm).  As a result, the process is ideal for road crossings, replacements under expensive driveways/pathways, or where other utilities may prevent other techniques being used.

Cadent and other leading companies are expected to move towards more sustainable technology in the future with benefits such as no outer damage breached, minimal operators managing the process and reduced insertion times.

For more details contact https://kobuspipepuller.com/

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