Jim Albarella

Q: What is your background and what brought you into the trenchless industry?

A: Armed Forces: (ROYAL NAVY), Qualified weapons armourer & fire control of weapons systems on H. M. Ships.

Vauxhall Motor Company: Production line.

Pre-Star Ltd: Supervisor for car industry.

W.H. ALLENS Engineering: Pressure testing marine gas turbine casings/castings prior to final assembly



Q: How/why did you get involved in UKSTT?

A: During my employment with TRACTO-TECHNIK UK I was put forward by Mr Billie Turner to represent TRACTO-TECHNIK UK on UKSTT Council. At the time he was standing down from UKSTT due to work commitments.

Q: What do you see as being your own greatest personal achievement in the trenchless industry?

A: Being able to communicate with customers and meet their needs on trenchless products and applications, also to have been able to travel to different places around the world and to carryout training and assist in projects that customers are undertaking. Satisfaction of knowing that I have been able to meet customers’ expectations, have also made many friends along the way.

Q: What do you currently see as the industry’s most urgent challenges?

A: For all members of UKSTT to be able to know that there is always a council member that can assist in any queries that they may have, to promote UKSTT and advise members on what is available in order that they can get the best advice and for their projects, even if this means suggesting a contractor or supplier to assist with their query

Q: Where would you like to see UKSTT in 5 years?

A: I would hope that more contractors, suppliers, and utility companies are involved in UKSTT such as power companies, Gas, renewables such as geo-thermal applications, charging  stations for EV charging at the moment more of these industries would be welcome to the society.

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