Jet Aire expands capacity for trenchless maintenance

Jet AireJet Aire Services are continuing to expand our team of specialists to meet growing demand for our expertise in trenchless drainage maintenance.

Having recruited a Lining Manager and two more lining operatives in the summer, we are now recruiting patching engineers to join our dedicated services in ‘no-dig’ drainage remediation. The move follows the recent acquisition of further resources for trenchless maintenance, including additional CCTV drain survey cameras, new cutting equipment and the latest ultraviolet lining system from Swedish manufacturer, UV Relining, which enables the internal reinforcement of smaller and more complex pipe structures without expensive and disruptive excavation.

Neil Meakins, Regional Manager for Yorkshire, said:

“Trenchless techniques, also referred to as no-dig methods, are well established as best practice where feasible in drainage maintenance. Jet AireThey enable rehabilitation and repair without resorting to invasive excavation, thereby reducing time, disruption, cost, environmental impact and carbon footprint. Jet Aire have invested heavily in our no-dig resources over the past few years and we offer a full portfolio of trenchless solutions, including cure-in-place pipe reinforcements, commonly known as CIPP patching and CIPP lining.

“Our CIPP patching comprises a length of glass fibre matting which rolled around a packer and adhered to the pipe when the packer inflates. It’s an economic solution for localised damage. To address multiple weakness with a drainage network, we provide CIPP lining which installs the lining and cures it in place using either an ambient, hot or ultra-violet method. We have experienced a substantial increase in demand for these solutions across a wide range of sectors, including facilities management, energy, chemical processing, retail, utilities, highways, transport and infrastructure. It is likely to be one of the fastest-growing areas of our business in the coming years.”

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