Innovative Technology Shortlist

Innovative Technology Shortlist. An award to cover product/system technologies that support the trenchless technology industry and must show a real application. Innovative technologies must be trenchless and new to the UK market e.g. underground mapping or other software, equipment, new materials, safety equipment, techniques such as jointing systems etc. This list is illustrative only.

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Finalists are:

Public Sewer Services Ltd, Anglian Water Services Ltd, Condor Rohr System Technik GmbH & Tracto-Technik UK Ltd

Expander Slip Lining Head

Bursting with Confidence.
Challenge Faced.
An extremely deformed 225 mm VC FW sewer with significant structural damage. Sections of pipe were out of scope for CIPP due to the damage and deformation. This challenge inspired the PSS team to create an expander slip lining head to enable the snap lock pipe to be installed without a full excavation
Reducing site establishment, plant and vehicles on site
Minimising time
Reducing cost
Reducing carbon
Rather than using traditional excavation techniques.

WRc Ltd, SGN, Cadent & ALH

Bonded service fitting on a cured in place pipe (CIPP) lined live gas main

A completely novel fitting has been developed which enables the use of CIPP liners on gas networks where connections or access into the pipe is required. Prior to this work no such technology was available. The solution is non-metallic, bonded without mechanical attachment and designed to be installed quickly to align with the benefits of CIPP in reduced disruption, cost and environmental impact. The fitting has been proven to meet industry performance requirements and successfully installed as part of the first use of CIPP within the live UK gas network in recent decades.

UIS Ltd & Cadent Gas

UIS Valve Trak

The UIS Valve Trak is a device that has been developed using IoT (The Internet of Things) to assist with the location of underground assets such as valves. Overtime underground assets become inaccessible and difficult to locate, they can be blocked by debris, buried or landscaped over. In the event of an emergency, engineers need to be able to access the underground asset quickly and operate it.
The UIS Valve Trak enables the engineers to identify and pinpoint the accurate location of any asset. Incorporated into Valve Trak can be any specific asset information such as a valve card.

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