Ian Ramsay

Ian Ramsay


Q: What is your background and what brought you into the trenchless industry?

After University I worked in Aerospace and was based out of the USA for a while. I then was offered an opportunity to join a company who supplied the fabrics used in the manufacture of cured in place liners based near I was born. I joined them as an export manager in 1996 and have stayed in the industry since.

Q: How/why did you get involved in UKSTT?

I was friendly with Russell Fairhurst a previous UKSTT Chair. I also attended some early events and liked the aims of the society and felt that I could contribute. I joined in 1999 and have been involved ever since.

Q: What goals do you want to achieve as a UKSTT Council Member?

I am a strong believer in education and also young engineer’s development programs. I would like to see more educational events and development with patrons and Universities. Also with the zero carbon initiative, innovation within the industry is essential. I think that developing the webinar program and events engaging with the water companies will really support this.

Q: What do you see as being your own greatest personal achievement in the trenchless industry?

This is a hard one. I am lucky enough to have travelled extensively around the world and been able to see trenchless projects, programs in action. I have also been able to help with specification approvals and to introduce and seen the benefit of trenchless programs into various cities and countries around the world.

Q: What do you currently see as the industry’s most urgent challenges?

Leakage and clean water supply throughout the world is a major challenge. Sealing sanitary systems to avoid contamination of clean water is also a serious issue. The technology exists as we know to correct these issues, however awareness and economics need to be addressed.

Q: Where would you like to see UKSTT in 5 years?

Growing, more masterclasses, more online webinars, a society at the forefront of trenchless. Where contracting companies, supply chain, consultants and water companies turn for information and also want to engage with us on future events.

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