Highgate Depot Channel installation and UV Lining

Drainforce Ltd




Title: Highgate Depot Channel Installation and UV Lining

Client Details: Skanska (London Underground)

Contract Value: £180,000.00

Contract Date: 2020

Scope of Services:

  • Installation of New Catch pits
  • Decommissioning of Old Catch Pits
  • Installation of 105m of channel Drainage
  • UV Lining
  • Root Cutting
  • Perforating
  • Post CCTV
  • Jetting


Drainforce were tasked to rectify defective pipes on various gravity drains under London Underground Tracks at Highgate Depot for Skanska.

Due to the amount of root infestation the design was to install 105m of Channel drainage to aid future maintenance and to UV Line sections where excavations proved too difficult due to the above signals and tracks.

Though Pre-Site Meetings and planning a Method Statement and Safe Working System was confirmed and signed off.

Before Works commenced Pre Site Meetings and Briefings were completed Daily ensuring the details of the Method Statements were filtered through and that Daily Dynamic Risk Assessments were completed monitoring Weather and any variable conditions.

Drainforce firstly cleaned the lines with their recyclers. After cleaning CCTV identified tap and mass roots. Due to the poor service condition of the drains further jetting would have caused more damage to the pipes and risk collapse.

Drainforce deployed their robotic cutter to Cut the roots in readiness for the UV Lining.


Once the Cutting and cleaning was complete Drainforce UV lined 5 sections of Drainage Runs down stream of the channel drainage installation.

Drainforce Ltd







Drainforce’s Civil Engineering division complete the Channel Drainage upstream of the UV lining simultaneously.

The old Drainage pipe was dug out and catchpits removed. Geotextile was laid with shingle and ballast following a level line to the existing lined sections downstream.

Due to the amount of staff on site and work activities shared site protocols were confirmed and agreed and an accurate program and method statement followed with regular updates.

Drainforce Ltd


Drainforce Ltd

Health & Safety

Drainforce had Zero incidents during the project.

Staff Competence



First Aid

Track Trolley


Wrc approved lining installers for UV lining with approved products

Street Works

Confined Space

Risk Awareness

First Aid

Water Jetting Association

Associated Training on Equipment (Prokasro, Whale)


Manual Handling

OS19X and 21X


Plant and Equipment

 Drainforce Made use of its portable UV system to allow for a set up on Track distances to far away for the UV Rig to use. We also used our Main Line UV Mega Rig which has a 500m air-conditioned cable. This would not have been possible with Standard Equipment.

Track Trolleys and Excavators were used to install the Channel Drainage

All Equipment was less than 80dbs complying with Council noise regulations.

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