Graham Howard

UKSTTQ: What is your background and what brought you into the trenchless industry?

I have been involved in the Utility Industry since 1986 , this was when the Gas Industry was pioneering various methods of renewing pipelines without the need for costly excavations .

At the time I was involved with a specialist under pressure drilling company developing a method of removing lead service pipe connections without the requirement to  shut off the water supply an replace the pipe – thereby reducing the size of the excavations.

Q: How/why did you get involved in UKSTT?

I became more aware of the UKSTT when I joined Hermes- Technologie as they have been heavily involved in the GSTT for many years and when abroad with the GSTT witnessed ow they managed to open many doors with clients and contractors for their members. The importance of exhibitions/dinners/seminars and being part of a group of people with a common interest and goal.

Q: What goals do you want to achieve as a UKSTT Council Member?

I would like to see the UKSTT in a stronger position by the time I leave with more active members and raise the standards of manhole Graham Howardand sewer rehabilitation so that the workmanship is consistent and accredited.

Q: What do you see as being your own greatest personal achievement in the trenchless industry?

It would be difficult to pin down a single achievement but whenever I have avoided digging down and replacing assets by lining , insertion of internal repair clamps , rehabilitation and protecting assets by specialist coating , I feel a great sense of achievement.

Q: What do you currently see as the industry’s most urgent challenges?

The challenges have never changed as we have suffered probably over 100 years of under investment and with rising population , limited space and overused worn out infrastructure , global warming and climate change we are all under an obligation to reduce our carbon footprint and apply best engineering practice rather than financial savings when looking to improve our aging infrastructure. That is the challenge.

Q: Where would you like to see UKSTT in 5 years?

As the “go to “ place for best advice , knowledge and contacts for anyone with trenchless problems to solve.


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