Grabber Available on Hire to Retrieve Lost Tools

Source One EnvironmentalThe Picote Original Grabber tool is now available to hire from trenchless technology suppliers Source One Environmental (S1E).

“This tool can help contractors out of tricky situations such as retrieving a tool that has fallen into a pipeline or pulling out obstacles that are hard to dislodge in other ways,” commented S1E Sales Team Leader, Terry Ingleby.

“Now, contractors can hire the tool rather than buy it, if they just have a one-off problem that they need to sort out.”

The Original Grabber is designed for use in pipes from DN100Source One Environmental upwards and can handle objects up to 35Kg (80lb) in weight. The tool is attached to a compressor, the air pressure from which gives it considerable power to hold onto the object. The Grabber jaws can be rotated to achieve a good initial grip on the item.

The Original Grabber cable is 10 metres in length. For items stuck further down a pipeline, a 10m extension cable can be added and this is also available for hire from S1E.
For larger or heavier items, Picote also produce a Large Grabber, which can handle objects up to 70Kgs or 150 lbs in weight and this is available to purchase from S1E.

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