Effective Pipe Cleaning with Less Tooling

Picote Solutions has always looked to minimise the necessary equipment needed by pipeline engineers and drainage operators. With this in mind the company recently launched a new range of pipeline cleaning chains that are designed to swap set-up time on site for working time in the pipe.

Picote’s 3D Cleaning Chains are self-adjusting so that within different diameters they can effectively clean the pipe without the need to keep multiple cleaning chains on-board the support vehicle. The new 3D Cleaning Chains are available in three sizes with the smaller Cleaning Chain being capable of cleaning pipe from 50 to 75 mm diameter, the mid-range Cleaning Chain working in pipes from 70 to 100 mm diameter and the larger Cleaning Chain having the capacity to clean pipes from 100 to 150 mm.

The capacity to clean pipe with differing diameters means less tooling to carry and fewer chain changes or adjustments during the course of a job as pipe diameters change, either from site to site or within the same pipe length.



The new 3D Cleaning Chain range is available in two models including the Premium Version and the PVC Version.

The Premium Version utilises the tried and tested unique Picote Premium uPicote-carbide teeth configuration for where more aggressive cleaning may be required and the structure of the pipe is known to be stable and secure.

picoteThe PVC Version without carbides is less aggressive and maybe the more practical and safer choice where the condition of the pipe is less stable or unknown due to the inability to survey it prior to the cleaning operation. Even then the PVC Cleaning Chain will effectively and efficiently remove blockages and remove detritus from the pipeline inner wall.



According to Richard Swan, Director of Technical Client Services at Picote Solutions: “These new 3D Cleaning Chains are taking pipeline cleaning to the next level and are the next stage in Picote’s drive to bring innovation and greater efficiency into the market.”

Each 3D Cleaning Chain comes with a built-in leader making them easierPicote to use and reducing shaft wear during operation. They are self-adjusting, depending on the speed of rotation applied, in that the design allows the chain to continue expanding during the cleaning operation up to the maximum diameter of the chain model being used as scale and detritus is removed from the pipe wall, without the need for operator intervention.

All Picote products are extensively tested prior to release to market to ensure they are fit for purpose, safe and effective.

PicoteThe chains come pre-fitted with leader shafts of 8 mm or 12 mm diameter. The speed of rotation applied will depend on the condition of the pipe with higher speeds being available for the more structurally sound pipes.

Richard went on to say: “We feel that these new chains will be a game changer for the pipeline cleaning sector. The efficiency they will bring in terms of minimal downtime will be significant and with the drive to minimise vehicle weight in the drive towards a cleaner climate, any reduction in the amount of tooling that needs to be carried by the operations team will be more than helpful in reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear. It may not seem a lot but over time it may be surprising the difference such a small tooling change can make.”

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