Eco-Drill have developed an innovative tool & process for the repair & maintenance of LV & HV cable in duct

Eco Drill in conjunction with Peak Pipes have developed a tool and control system that allows trained and appointed personnel to dig down at the fault and make an incision to the duct without any damage to the cable. This will allow the cable to be repaired at the source without any requirement to excavate any additional areas. This approach allows multiple benefits which are and not exhaustible to;


• Reduction in repair times

• Extensive cost reductions

• Less soil displacement

• Better customer satisfaction

• Carbon reductions

• Less traffic disruption

In conjunction with the above this can also be monitored via a third party process applications and verification which has hold points before an operative may continue to ensure safety and procedures are followed in each instance or abandoned if this is required.

As we are in the industry we know that direct access to cables to inspect or repair in duct is very extensive due to current working practices requiring excavation to the nearest joint/duct end. Our product and process has a huge impact on safety, time, cost & local disruption and also environmental benefits. Our product allows the removal of a large window or full circumferential section of duct which can be conducted while cables are live. It can be conducted from a single excavation, directly above suspected fault and be safe, not damage cable sheathes, quick & relatively low cost.

This is also completed by a full verification process using Control Point Tools.








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