Drainforce Case Study

Title: Case Study – Syphon Removal with Rebotic Cutting

Contract Value: £2,000.00

Location: Burlington Ter, Canton CF5 1GG

Dates: August 2021

Scope of Services: Removal of 100mm In Line Syphon with No Dig Technology & Repair Syphon void with glass fibre patch repair

The way forward with syphon removals.
Drainforce have successfully completed their third trial of removing syphons with the use of robotic cutters.

The process involves the use of robotic cutting techniques and patch repair technology. The concept was first trialed above ground in a mock situation whereas a 225mm syphon was cut and patch line repaired.

Working with Key Clients we then progressed onto a live site and successfully removed a 150mm syphon and replaced with a 1m long patch repair.

The third trial took place on the 24th of August where we were asked to remove an in line 100mm syphon at a depth of 2m beneath the boundary wall. The syphon was cut out and patch repaired in just six hours.

The benefits of this new approach are huge, and we firmly believe that this process could be the way forward at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods with no disruption to the customers.

The Client was so impressed with the innovation the process has been put forward for a prestigious award in innovation.

Health & Safety
Drainforce had Zero incidents during the project.

Staff Competence
All of Drainforce Staff comply with current industry standards.

Quality Assurance
Drainforce are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. We continuously monitor and improve our quality of services to this contract through the following points

Collaborative Working
Drainforce worked with the client successfully and the homeowner.

Plant and Equipment
Drainforce made use of its state-of-the-art robotic cutting rig and patch lining equipment




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