Detection, Location & Inspection Shortlist

Detection, Location & Inspection Shortlist. This award will be presented to the entry which best demonstrates the use of detection, location or Inspection techniques to overcome significant challenges.

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The Finalists are:

Claret Civil Engineering Ltd

Sewer Diversion – Ground penetrating radar – Lowestoft

A surface water culvert was identified in Lowestoft as having collapsed. The solution was going to be to fill the culvert with concrete as it was filling with sea water. It was then identified that there were two foul sewer drains connected that should not be there.
We decided to divert the foul sewers allowing us to fill the culvert with concrete as planned.
GPR survey was used to establish a feasible route, whilst surveying a large BT chamber was found which significantly affected the route. Not identifying this could have led to multiple excavations, cost, disruption, inconvenience nearby.

Electro Scan (UK) Ltd, Cappagh Browne & Southern Water

Southern Water sewer condition assessment project of 51km

Electro Scan (UK) Ltd was awarded a 51km sewer condition assessment project across multiple areas on the south coast. Using FELL technology, we were able to detect, locate and inspect any defects found in the sewer lines. Not only that but using FELL technology we were able to quantify that data we retrieved and give them a defect flow rate in litres per second (LPS) with a locational accuracy of just 1cm! Electro Scan equipment enables us to find the defects that other technologies cant!

Cadent Gas

UIS Valve Trak

The UIS Valve Trak is a device that has been developed using IoT (The Internet of Things) to assist with the location of underground assets such as valves. Overtime underground assets become inaccessible and difficult to locate, they can be blocked by debris, buried or landscaped over. In the event of an emergency, engineers need to be able to access the underground asset quickly and operate it.
The UIS Valve Trak enables the engineers to identify and pinpoint the accurate location of any asset. Incorporated into Valve Trak can be any specific asset information such as a valve card.

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