Connecting the Utilities at a Bowling Green

Tracto-TechnikWhat do you do when you have an immaculate bowling green, used frequently by the bowls club, but it needs a water pipe, electric duct and a sewage pipe laying right across the centre of the well-tended lawn?

You turn to a trenchless technology supplier that ensures a swift underground installation off all the necessary pipes that doesn’t disrupt a single blade of grass, that’s what.

This was the scenario that TRACTO-TECHNIK UK customer, Impact Utilities, was faced with when a private customer from Essex called to discuss a utilities job. Tracto-TechnikWith exceptionally limited access, the customer believed it was going to be impossible for a machine to do the work – and the idea of digging a trench right across the green was also unthinkable.

Sam McKay of Chelmsford-based trenchless specialist, Impact Utilities, surveyed the site and proposed the solution of the highly compact GRUNDODRILL 4X drilling rig which, thanks to small overall dimensions, was a viable option in the confined space.

Setting aside two days to complete the work, the team was actually able to complete the job in half a day, with two 100m drills complete before 11am. With easy ground conditions and a highly productive drilling rig, the team opened an entry pit at one end of the green and guided the drill through the ground at a suitable depth to a connection point on the other side of the green. The team leader then attached the reaming head and the electricity ducting and pumped drainage pipe before pulling back these two services into position. The team then repeated this process with the water supply and had completed the task by mid-morning. The services were required for a new building being constructed on site that required electricity and drainage for kitchen and toilet facilities.

Tracto-TechnikAll grounds were completely reinstated prior to leaving site; ensuring a very happy customer who was able to carry on with all the activities at the club thanks to a job efficiently done.

Sam, who is Operations Manager at the highly regarded no-dig contractor, says the GRUNDODRILL 4X machine is what makes the difference;

“It’s a fantastic product that enables us to undertake these smaller jobs with little disruption to the environment or the local area. We can provide an exceptionally cost-effective service because we don’t need to charge mobilisation fees that are required for large rigs. The 4X fits neatly onto a 3.5 tonne trailer with the mixing unit mounted inside an Iveco 3.5t van. This means our comparative overhead is low and we can swiftly attend site with a minimal operating crew of two people; the rig driver and drill tracker.”

The company has subsequently carried a number of jobs at domestic properties; each with its own set of restricted access solutions. The GRUNDODRILL 4X has risen to the challenge on each occasion and helped to minimise disruption at each site.

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