Colwinston UV Lining and Shingle Blowing

Title: Colwinston UV Lining and Shingle Blowing

Client Details: Vale of Glamorgan Council

Contract Value: £25000.00

Contract Dates: 2020, September

Scope of Services:


● Installation of New Catch pits

● Re Connection of Laterals

● Shingle Blowing

● UV Lining

● Root Cutting

● Post CCTV

● Jetting


As part of Drainforce’s lining Framework with the Vale of Glamorgan Council a no dig solution was found to rehabilitate a problematic aged surface water drainage system with the least disruption to customers.

The Line in question was a 54m Gravity Surface Water Line. Pre CCTV Identified structural defects throughout the line.

The line began at a 450mm diameter at the inlet however changes in diameter throughout the line made it impossible to rehabilitate with standard lining techniques.

Through investigation and design Drainforce manufactured a venturi able to blow shingle around a liner within a pipe filling any voids.

Drainforce lined the pipe with a 450mm liner with a Diameter change to the smallest size of 375mm.

The larger sections of pipe above 450mm had small excavations exposed to allow Shingle to be blown around the annulus of the liner and pipe.

Drainforce used their specialist UV Lining PODS to UV Cure the liner in question.

Laterals were re connected to the main and our Robotic Cutter used to open the Laterals from the inside.






Once the Cutting and cleaning was complete Drainforce UV lined 5 sections of Drainage Runs down stream of the channel drainage installation.









Health & Safety

Drainforce had Zero incidents during the project.

Staff Competence



First Aid

Track Trolley


Wrc approved lining installers for UV lining with approved products

Street Works

Confined Space

Risk Awareness

First Aid

Water Jetting Association

Associated Training on Equipment (Prokasro, Whale)


Manual Handling

OS19X and 21X


Plant and Equipment


 Jet Vac

 Excavator

 UV Lining Pods

 Cutting Pods

 Venturi

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