CIPP UV-Lining of River Culvert

Culverts were often built to allow development to take place around them such as roads, homes and businesses. Many people live and work near culverts and may not even know that they are there. Although often designed to improve local flood risk, culverts can themselves exacerbate flooding. This is because they can restrict water flow and thereby cause ponding of water near the entrance to the culvert or become blocked/partially obstructed by debris or failing infrastructure. Terra were called to rehabilitate, an off-road culvert for Shropshire Council.

The project required surveying, cleaning, concrete removal and installation of a Alphaliner 1800H for the 30m length of the culvert. The diameter was 1250mm.
Due to the remote location of the culverts entrance & exit, in an area of thick vegetation and trees, Terra offered an alternative solution of working from the roadway, and utilising an 80t crane to mobilise civils and lining equipment. The end goal was to reduce flood risk by structurally rehabilitating the asset.

Description & Outputs
With a dedicated man-entry team, Terra removed concrete debris, and carried out the necessary civils works which included construction concrete aprons each side (all equipment placed by crane).The CIPP installation equipment, winches, generators etc. were all placed using the 80ton crane and some determined CIPP operatives in a jungle-like environment.

The 1250mm liner was installed, inflated and cured within a day. Afterwards the small annulus was grouted to specification and the newly structurally renovated culvert CCTV inspected for the Client. Terra’s alternative solution offered significant time and cost savings to the Council, and added at least another 75 yrs life to this drainage structure.





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