C J Kelly International Celebrates 20 Years of Brawoliner

C.J. Kelly International is gearing up to celebrate its 20th year since its appointment as the UK’s first and main Brawoliner distributor. Brawoliner is the pipeline rehabilitation range offered by Germany-based KOB for which theC J Kelly International company is world-renowned.
Alongside the standard Brawoliner range C.J. Kelly has over the past 20 years introduced to the UK market Brawoliner HT for higher temperature environments, Brawoliner 3D which adjusts to changes in host pipe, Brawoliner DN50 and DN300-400 as well as Brawoliner steam and UV curing system for Brawoliner. The UV system allows the installation of liners using UV sensitive resins not just in the more usual lateral and main line applications but the system is also designed to be compact enough to operate within buildings thereby enabling renovation of difficult to access in-building drainage pipes in as little as 90 minutes as compared with many competitive systems which offer a significantly longer process and which cannot negotiate changes in diameter and 90 degree bends in 100 to 150 mm diameter pipes.

During its time working with Brawoliner, C.J. Kelly has been involved in the planning and execution of some of the more unusual and challenging pipe rehabilitation projects. Alongside the more standard installations, the company has consulted on and supported many ‘first time’ installations for various contractors.
For example, a challenging project was the rehabilitation of the down-pipes at C J Kelly InternationalMarlborough College in Wiltshire, UK which is a highly respected independent school for day and boarding pupils. Consulting with the college’s architect Gray, Baynes & Shew, C.J. Kelly International suggested that S&D Services of Chard, Somerset, UK might be the contractor to complete the challenging installations. CCTV inspection of the pipes showed that over the lengths of the pipes they not only did they change shape and size internally but that there were also other imperfections within the pipes, some of which had been generated by previous attempts to repair them. Individual liners presented different challenges due to the variation in sizes and shapes over the pipe lengths but the lining process was pretty much the same for each installation. These challenges meant that the Brawoliner 3D proved to be the ideal solution when used with the Brawo 1 resin.
On a project that utilised the Brawoliner® HT CIPP liner system, contractor Dalrod completed the rehabilitation of a cast iron wastewater pipeline at the site of a major soft drinks manufacturer. Pipe diameters varied from 100 mm (4 in) to 300 mm (12 in) and comprised both surface and foul pipelines. The challenge was to rehabilitate pipelines through which wastewater of varying and high temperatures would need to pass. The work was successfully completed, despite some complications, some three days ahead of schedule.

As well as the Brawoliner range C.J. Kelly International is also the hub of Picote Solution’s UK operations, forming the centre of a growing network of resellers and hire operations that has been established across the country. C J Kelly InternationalThe company holds in stock the full Picote range of milling machines, pipeline/lateral reopening systems, pipeline cleaning systems and accessories, with new improved systems about to be launched into the market over the coming months.
C.J. Kelly is currently able to hold extensive stock for all of its representative companies following its relocation into a new purpose-built building comprising some 1,800 square feet of space, including new offices, an equipment showroom as well as a conference/meeting and training facility and expanded storage facilities, all set in idyllic rural surroundings near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK. The company’s expansion into this facility has enhanced its capability to offer a broader range of equipment whilst keeping larger stocks for quicker response to customer enquiries across its entire range, as well as the capacity to train new operators and update existing users to the latest innovations offered across the range.

The most recent addition to C.J. Kelly’s in-house range is the new Multi-Kit pipe repair system which is an innovative localised pipe and drain repair system packaged in a single box. It is available across the UK and to International clients on request. One Multi-Kit pipe repair package is capable of repairing pipes of 4 in to 6 in diameter (DN100 to DN150). The system is for gravity sewer/drainage pipes or laterals which are straight, radial or transitional in their design with the repair being over a length of 700 mm.
Whilst other packaged localised liner systems are available, in comparison the innovative approach with the Multi-Kit is that all the necessary materials are included in the package. Not only this, the environmental aspect of pipeline repair is also taken seriously into account. The Multi-Kit offers significant weight reduction as the new kit weighs significantly less compared to traditional localised repairC J Kelly International kits on the market. This not only limits the weight on-board the dispatch vehicles, but it also addresses environmental concerns with the weight saving being mainly due to several single-use plastic items being removed from the box, including a single-use protective groundsheet. To replace this groundsheet C.J. Kelly now offers an optional ‘Board for life’. The Board for life is lightweight, durable, reusable and more importantly recyclable. Overall, the new Multi-Kit offers a very significant saving in plastic use as compared with traditional kits. Furthermore, the resin contained within the Multi-Kit is a non-shrink, solvent-free, low odour silicate resin which has less impact on the locality and environment in general than other more traditional liner resins.
As well as being the UK and Ireland distributor for internationally renowned names such as Brawoliner and Picote, and with the availability of its own in-house systems, the company also offers product lines from MC Construction Chemicals and Härke. The company also offers independent consultancy in relation to a wide range of pipe rehabilitation options and design.
C.J. Kelly also provides full training for all lines across its represeC J Kelly Internationalntative and in-house product range, both at the specialist facilities at the new company site in Peterborough and at the customer’s site if required. Training courses are usually one or two day events depending on the product in question.
Commenting on the 20th Anniversary of the Brawoliner association John Kelly, Managing Director of C.J. Kelly International Ltd said: “It has long been the aim of the company to offer the UK and Ireland pipeline renovation market a broader, quicker and more effective service both in terms of equipment availability and consultancy options. Our associations and partnerships with the wide range of companies we have built over the years is now showing huge advantages for the UK renovation market from cleaning to full rehabilitation both in the more usual pipeline situations and manhole repair to the fast growing in-building works that facilities and management companies are now demanding when works are required within their properties. We see a very strong future for all our technology offerings, especially the newer ones that facilitate speedy and low customer impact options. The future is bright also across our more traditional ranges right across the UK market.”

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