Bexhill Project

Project:          Woodsgate Park Culvert, Bexhill

Role:               Supply and application of Warren 301 epoxy resin

Client:             Volkerstevin working on behalf of the Environment Agency

The culvert at Woodsgate Park, Bexhill is made up of a brick section (similar in appearance to a Victorian sewer) leading in to a steel Armco section.  The culvert had been inspected by the Environment Agency and noticeable deterioration had been identified, particularly to the steel Armco section.  Furthermore, a resident’s garden which runs across the top of the culvert had reported subsidence.

The culvert is 75 metres long (43m steel & 32m brick) with an adjoining chamber and both open sections are around 7 metres lower than the nearest access point.  The Culvert also runs through a residential area, running adjacent to the A2690 and underneath the junction of Woodsgate Park overpass.

Buckhurst Plant HireThe initial plan was to coat part of the culvert, however after the inspection we advised coating the entire culvert to achieve the best results. This option not only arrests the deterioration, but extends the life of the culvert and addresses the loadings needed to be met.

The equipment was delivered to site which included, the coating Rig, Resin, High Pressure Jetter and Water Pumps.

A number of challenges were faced on arrival to site, including over pumping through the Culvert to mitigate any road closures while leaving the Culvert in a workable condition to continuously complete the spraying.

Buckhurst Plant HireThe Buckhurst team used a high pressure Jetter delivering around 5,000 psi to clean the entire Culvert.

The team masked around both ends of the Culvert so they could do a wrap around spray to give a complete finish on the first course of Bricks on the outside of the Culvert at both ends.

Andrew Westwell, Head of UK and European Sales at Buckhurst Plant Hire discusses how they applied two different thicknesses to the two section. “The Steel Armco section was sprayed at 14mm thickness and the Brick section was coated at 6mm to give the support needed to achieve the load bearing capacity needed (41.85 kN/m² for the steel section and 131.5 kN/m² for the brick section)

The spraying was completed within the agreed two weeks time-frame. The over pumping pipes were removed leaving the site handed back to Volker to finalise their de-mobilisation. An excellent job completed with a very happy customer.


If you would like more information about Buckhurst Specialist Plant division, you can contact Andrew Westwell on 07739 596 350 or email


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