Austin Water Selects Electro Scan for Innovative Inflow & Infiltration Project

Evaluation of 8-inch to 24-inch Diameter Sewers Focuses on Known Areas of High Infiltration Unable to Locate Infiltration Using Legacy Inspection Methods.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 11, 2022 / — Electro Scan Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Austin Water, Texas, to conduct a 20,000 linear feet (LF) assessment of 8-inch to 24-inch sewer mains that the City has
been unable to locate sources of infiltration using legacy inspection

Cities and utilities have traditionally used closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, dye flood testing, ground penetrating radar, lasers, smoke testing, and sonar to assess gravity sewer mains. Recently, some cities have tried using acoustic sensors and artificial intelligence to re-assess CCTV video.

What makes infiltration so difficult to find is when rainfall percolates through the soil, water enters cracks, bad joints, and leaky customer connections through pathways that can’t be easily seen or traced contributing to sewer backups, overflows, and street flooding.
In contrast, Electro Scan can automatically evaluate the pipe wall of sewer mains when either empty or full of water, 365-days a year.
Using its patented technology, Electro Scan uses electrical current to systematically assess fulllength 360-degrees of a pipe, mapping all cracks that go through a pipe wall, leaking joints, bad connections, and other openings; automatically locating every location where unwanted water can enter or exit a pipe traveling though a pipe at 30-45 feet per minute.

Today, Austin Water serves approximately 195,000 sewer connections connected to 2,600 milesof sewer mains, including 124 lift
As part of this project, Austin Water selected numerous pipe materials, including Cured-In-Place Pipe, Polyvinyl Chloride, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, and Vitrified Clay Pipe, with a variety of ages to determine if combinations of pipe materials and age are contributing
factors for infiltration.
Austin Water crews will also support Electro Scan in the field by providing jet trucks & operators, traffic control, and access to back easements, right of ways, and city streets.

Electro Scan’s machine-intelligent technology represents a next generation assessment tool for underground pipes.

Using simple electric current, equivalent to no more than six (6) AA batteries, Electro Scan is able to locate every location where water is able to leak from a pipe and measure the size of the hole or orifice to determine severity in either Gallons per Minute or Litres per Second.

Recent large scale benchmark testing has shown the biggest factor of determining pipe condition often is the contractor that installed the original pipe or completed recent repairs or relining.

Due to difficult to access sewers, Electro Scan will use both its ES-600 truck-mounted probe and ES-600 mobile unit.

Austin Water officials and staff, including hydraulic modelers, will be visiting Electro Scan in the field to view how the technology is 3-5 times faster than CCTV camera operations, how real-time data is displayed during each assessment, and how data is transmitted and available on the cloud.

One pipe pre-selected sewer main had a previously Abandoned CCTV Survey, which Electro Scan tends to easily
navigate to correctly and more thoroughly assess and quantify major defects.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Electro Scan completed a successful demonstration inspection of a sewer siphon for Austin Water. Combined with results from a nearby Electro Scan project at San Antonio Water Systems, (SAWS), Austin Water reached out to Electro Scan to organize the current project.

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