API PIPA Water Pipe Inspection using the Hydrocam CS

Scope of Works

API was recently contacted by a private customer regarding the loss of water supply to a newly built commercial coffee house property in the Bradford area.

The client had investigated outside the property however the pipe supply runs through a fully reinstated tarmac carpark and block paved area. The property had experienced very low water pressure which was an issue due to the nature of the business.
API offered a solution by using the brand new PIPA Hydrocam CS system. The camera entered the 32mm water pipe via a removed stop tap inside the building, and quickly identified the issue being a pipe blockage from pipe ingress.
A key hole excavation quickly exposed the blockage location and minimal damage was caused to the property and surrounding area.

Project Challenges

The camera survey was on a small diameter 32mm service pipe.

System used

PIPA has developed a brand new camera system in 2022 for small diameter services pipes called the Hydrocam CS. The unique system is supplied with a mini cable drum, 50 metres of flexible trace cable, a 14mm pressure rated camera and battery powered control box.

Project Delivery

The survey was undertaken within 30 minutes and pipe issues were identified. The camera was then used as a pipe trace system to identify the sensors exact location.

The pipeline was also surveyed from outside the building to check the remaining pipe area, additional pipe ingress was identified along with a joint fitting.

PIPA Hydrocam Technology

API uses PIPA technology that includes a 14mm pressure rated camera (Hydrocam CS) tethered to a 50 metre semi rigid rodding to give the operator live video and recorded data during an inspection. The system enters a pipeline via a standard inline fitting or inline boundary box, and is fully chlorinated during its Insertion; the system works on a live basis, with no interruptions to the client’s services and with several surveys undertaken this unique product can cover up to 8 surveys per day.

The technology is the latest live main inspection system on the market being fully battery powered and only requires a 1 man team for its implementation.

PIPA has also developed reporting software to quickly present the results in a detailed data report document.

Survey results

  • API successfully inspected the 32mm pipe using camera system the Hydrocam CS
  • API located the pipe blockage below a kitchen WC washroom area within the building
  • The survey was undertaken at night due to the silent operation of the camera system, the coffee house had no shutdown to its daily business operation
  • The contractor was able to resolve the issue with minimum property damage
  • Tethered insertion technology system allowed for precise pipe assessment to give the client data including visual condition assessment, confirmation of material, lining and ID of pipes
  • A true no dig solution saving large excavation work and also saving time with guesswork
  • The Hydrocam CS is a QC tool and commissioning solution on all pipe installations new and old


It would have been very difficult and expensive for the contractor to excavate. The plan was to start excavation outside the building and expose the entire pipe, and then remove floors and wall space areas on further pipe investigations within the building.

The Hydrocam CS camera is now commercially available globally offering a trenchless pipe assessment solution to the industry.

API representative: The project was a great success, and also a great case study for our company. The contractor had exhausted all other pipeline inspection avenues, and was more than relieved when we offered a solution.

API has also delivered successful projects with the majority of the UK water utility companies, and many other projects overseas.

Client feedback:
I am very happy with API for solving our problem so quickly. I searched on the internet for other companies in the service pipe inspection area, but nobody could offer a camera survey on such a small pipe! The bonus was this is approved on drinking water pipes.
Luckily the camera found the issue was close to its entry point within the building, we were previously discussing digging up the entire ground floor and car park around the property! We were also disappointed to see a pipe joint as this could easily have been a 1 pipe run section, however we know where it is if we have any future issues thanks to API.
Many thanks API for a great professional service and you quickly found it!

   Pipe blockage quickly identified by API

   Pipe debris identified

  Pipe joint identified using Hydrocam CS

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