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UKSTT was formed in 1993 and incorporated the existing UK based members of ISTT.

The International Society, ISTT, was formed in 1986 but since that time has promoted the formation of National Societies in many different countries. The formation of these National Societies helped to give the local members a sense of identity and autonomy to pursue their own ideas.

UKSTT is structured as a company limited by guarantee where its elected Council members act as directors and guarantors.

UKSTT set out its aims and objectives in much the same way as the International Society but with more emphasis on the exchange and networking of information and ideas throughout the UK utility industry.

UKSTT operates as a company and a Society where Council members are elected on a yearly basis Financial accounts are kept and presented to the membership at an AGM each year.

The Council meets six to eight times per year to discuss the issues raised through the secretariat and the various council members.

A synopsis of the Memorandum and Articles of Association can be seen by clicking here.

To see how a UKSTT membership could benefit you, click here or if you are interested in joining click here.

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