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Benefits of joining UKSTT

All Members (Corporate & Individual)

  • Latest Information on New Technologies and Developments.
  • Access to a network of contacts including Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers and Academic Institutions.
  • Regular Regional, National and International Technical Meetings.
  • Free Subscription to No-Dig International Magazine.
  • Opportunity to attend regular joint meetings with other relevant organisations such as the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Pipeline Industries Guild.
  • Regular Newsletter.
  • Opportunity to attend the UKSTT Annual Awards Dinner.
  • Being part of ISTT with its worldwide contacts through 24 other Affiliated Societies.
  • Membership Certificate.

Additional Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Free Business Opportunities as a result of redirected enquiries to UKSTT Secretariat.
  • Free Company details on, and links from, the UKSTT Web site.
  • Opportunity to Sponsor Major Events i.e. Awards Dinner, Newsletter.
  • Opportunity to present Papers at UKSTT conferences and UKSTT Sponsored events.
  • Opportunity to present papers at No-Dig Live - the world's largest Live No-Dig event.
  • Opportunity to present papers at UKSTT Technical Evenings.
  • Opportunity to take part in Technical Showcase Workshops.
  • Opportunity to become involved in the development of Trenchless Technologies in the Construction industry.
  • Involvement in the promotion of Trenchless Technology with the UK government.
  • Participate in Trenchless Technology Training Initiatives and Research.
  • Use of UKSTT Logo on company stationary and publicity material.
  • Reduced Exhibition Cost at sponsored Exhibitions i.e. No-Dig Live.
  • Opportunity to display company literature at International No Dig Exhibitions at a nominal cost.
  • Free editorials in UKSTT Newsletter
  • Reduced costs at Conferences, Exhibitions and Training Seminars relating to Trenchless Technology.
  • Recognition by Clients of your company's involvement in technological advance.
  • The opportunity to be involved in an important growth area of business.
  • Opportunity to bring guests to the UKSTT Annual Awards Dinner.
  • Access to various National and International Award schemes.
  • Free entry on the UKSTT members' activity database.

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